“Oh, look at this ugly website.”

Exactly – it gets the job done (and very profitably at that – every third qualified person who visits this site reaches out to me via email in the bottom)

Now I don’t want to waste your time, so here’s how we make you money.

It’s really simple and it works in 3 steps… but first let me explain why are you even reading this.

So if this is you:

  • you have a high-traffic website (100k or more visitors a month)
  • you make money off – selling products, adsense or affiliate links on your website
  • you make good money, but are completely unaware of email marketing as a source of revenue

“But how do I make money off email marketing?”

Glad you asked. Here’s the process in 3 steps
  • We take your visitors email address by putting a newsletter box on your site (if you already don’t have one)
  • We mail them for you and sell them stuff
  • We split the profits 50/50

“Can you tell me about any case studies you got?”

  • First – Influencer
    • A certain crypto influencer had 300k followers on Instagram
    • We created a page that acquired his followers’ email addresses
    • We acquired 50k emails in 7 days of him just posting to IG Stories
    • We sold 200k worth of his courses via email in 30 days
  • Second – Ecommerce site
    • They had 200k monthly visitors of pure organic, Google search
    • They were getting 1500 emails a month without them even knowing it… just from a subscription form in their footer
    • When we got to working with them – they already had 70k emails in their list
    • This was a tougher one since they had some emails from years ago and never contacted them
    • So we did a reactivation sequence of just giving pure value
    • After the sequence we segmented the people who opened the emails from those who didn’t
    • Then we wrote a sequence of 8 emails and sent them to the active subscribers
    • We made 41k in sales
    • Then we re-used the sequence and made it so every new subscriber that opts in gets this exact sequence, completely automated
    • This has made them cool 4k a month in sales, 100% automated, for 3 months and counting
  • Third – Tech Site
    • This is a site with about 10 million visitors a month
    • They had a quiz people could take and find out the optimal PC gaming setup for their budget
    • The only thing we did was put an optional email form at the end of the quiz
    • Next thing you know – we’re getting 30k emails a month
    • They’re all entering an automated sequence where we’re pushing affiliate links to a VPN software
    • Right now – that’s cool 6k in automated commissions per month – NET
    • 3k for us, 3k for the guy

“What if I don’t have any products to sell?”

  • Doesn’t matter – the world is full of affiliate offers that are relevant to the topics of your site.

“What if I don’t know anything email marketing (tech wise)?”

  • We handle all the email tech for you. No worries there

“How much do you charge for this service?”

  • We don’t charge anything upfront. We just split the profits.

“I’m not sure if this is for me?”

  • Send me an email at mihael@ecommvslkings.com and shoot me a link of your site
  • I’ll come back at ya and tell you how this method can work for you

“I got more questions about this”

  • Thats okay, this site is intended to answer only general questions
  • Send me an email at mihael@ecommvslkings.com and I’ll answer all of them
  • If you feel like it, we can also jump on a call

“Alright you got me, I wanna make more money off my site using email”